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Who are we & what we do?

MKSNetwork is a specialized website designing company in delhi. We offer solutions like website design, website development, seo service, web hosting, website redesigning and maintenance etc. A website on internet shows your global presence and holds a strong identity of your business. It is like face of your company that introduces you to the world with your product and services.

We are the web designing company in delhi and in this field from 2010 and have sereval satisfied clients. We want our clients to experience the new, innovative and creative designing for his company. We came with the ambition to give something different and unique to our clients. We are expert in our job and understand the actual requirements of clients. There are many website designing company are in the market who just came to make money. But we do what we say. Our company is working with latest tools; software’s and has skilled employees. All the members of our team are down to earth and have greater co-ordination with each other. We provide direct communication between our designer and you, which mean you can easily convert your ideas in to designed form.

Importance of having a website for a business

It is a great source of 24X7 advertisements for your business,
It covers global audiences without any boundary,
It is better, cheaper and flexible than printed ads,
You can get customer feedback for your product and services by it,
It can also be used as recruiting tool where you can post job opportunities,
You can brief your customer well about you products with images,

Why Choose US?

We are one of the web design company in delhi who believes in Cost effectiveness, client satisfaction, punctuality and quality of work.
Our website designing company provides sites at very reasonable price.
we do not have any kind of hidden charges once the project is finalized.
We provide services like: website designing, website development, seo, web hosting, website maintenance and redesigning.
We as a team has good co-ordination and bounding, we all are skilled and down to earth.
We do not treat any of our projects just as a work instead we feel pride to deliver solutions.

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Static Website Designing

Static websites has stable contents which can only be changed by experts. These are the basic websites designed with the help of html, css and images. These websites are flexible-means one page has nothing to do with other, takes less time, money and effort to develop and good for small companies. Static websites are more search engine friendly takes less resources to operate and has less load time.

web designing company in delhi

Dynamic Website Designing

In Dynamically designed website, things changes actively with the instructions supplied by a user. A Dynamic website gives more power to its owner’s hand because site admin can edit, delete or add new product or service anytime. If you are thinking to have Content Management System, E- commerce site and site which deliver information to a wider audience than Dynamic website designing is the best option.

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SEO Services

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process of raising the visibility of a site in search engine result, by designing search engine friendly website and promoting it over internet. SEO is one of the strongest search engine marketing techniques. The main advantage of using seo service for your website is, it gives you organic (unpaid or natural) traffic and enhances your business.

web design company in delhi

Web Hosting

Web hosting actually means providing server space for websites so it can be hosted there. This web space keeps our website related files there and makes it accessible by user 24X7. We have to buy this space form web space providers. There are many types of packages are available, picking one from them depends upon our requirements.

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Website Redesigning

Website redesigning simply means changing the entire look and feel of a website. Having the same website look for long period of time makes a site boring so it should be change with respect to time and technology. There are some more reasons which force a website owner to re-construct a website that are: not getting the desired result, the motive of your website has changed, site is not responsive, you want to come with new design strategy etc.

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Website Maintenance

Website maintenance involves small changes on website to keep it running. This is an important task which should always keep in account. Website maintenance or changes are required when company expands, new products are introduced, contents of site are updated etc. Usually activities involved in website maintenance are technological update, testing after update, monitoring website traffic, addition of new services, checking for website renewal time etc.